Wednesday, June 8, 2011


     Around the end of October I start thinking about all the things I want to make for the people I know for Christmas gifts. Then, again, about 2 weeks into November; at Thanksgiving, my daughter's birthday at the beginning of December, and once more around the 15th of December. The fifteenth is usually spent feeling irritated with myself for procrastinating followed by a few hours on the computer looking for great, easy ideas that look amazing. (aren't "easy ideas" and "look amazing" oxymoronic ideas?) By the early afternoon I am frustrated and disappointed and end up doing nothing. Not this year (she says defiantly!)

     I am starting my Christmas projects now! Today! I am going to supress the desire to give today what I've intended as an advent surprise. (You see, I always get so excited about what I've made that I want to give it to the person NOW. Kinda counterproductive for advance planning.) I am going to pick one project at a time and I am going to collect supplies for only that one project. I'm going to start and see it through to completion. One gift at a time.  I am going to do all of the detail work and maybe even wrap each as I complete it. This is my plan!!!

     But, did I tell you that I'm a procrastinator? And, then there's the bane of the creative disposition: I really love feedback (all positive, of course!) as I finish each project.  And, I need encouragement now and then to stay on track - not parades or giant newspaper ads or anything, just a, "how's the project coming along..." or, "What have you finished lately?"  And, if you can sound like you're really interested, well, that's just the cherry on top! {heavy sigh} Yes, I admit it, I like affirmation... but I bet you do to...

     With that in mind - that we sometimes accomplish more together than alone - I am inviting my local friends to join me as I do my projects. The costs will be nominal; whenever possible I'll post a list of supplies that you can bring if you already have them on hand.  If you want to share your surplice, awesome! If money is tight and you want to come, but can't justify the expense, that's okay, I have lots and would enjoy the company!  The bulk of the supplies will be from my stash in order to keep costs low.  I'm actually thinking that just a donation of whatever when you come is fine...

     Here are a few of my inspiration pictures that I've found on the net... JUST INSPIRATION! Those of you who have created with me know that my projects usually don't turn out exactly like the inspiration no matter how hard I try - they're usually way better...    ;o)  So, I'm off to plan my first project and I'll post in the next few days what it is, how many people I have supplies for and when I would like to teach it as a class. Sign-Up will be first come, and you don't have to make these for gifts, that's just what I'm doing. There are some that will require basic skills, if you're not sure about the difficulty, just ask me! I'll be honest, promise! And, on some projects, I would even be okay individually teaching new skills, though this would have a fee (primarily sewing machine projects.) Even though I'm calling this Christmas in July I'll be starting before then and carrying on into August, when my daughter-in-law, Rebeka, will be here.

Here we go! A little inspiration to whet your whistle.  Toot! Toot!

An Ornament Set
(9-12 different, total set)

Baby Gift Set

Book Lovers Gift Set
(I will add a gift card from a favorite bookstore)

Little Girls' Gift Set

Kitchen Set
Apron, Grocery Bags, and
Crocheted Dish Cloths

Card Sets To Give
Thank You Notes
Christmas Cards
Stationary Sets

Easy Barbie Doll Wardrobe

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

There you go, this is a small sampling of  the inspiration for SOME of the projects I will be working on.  I'll keep you posted!!!

Happy Crafting,

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