Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello all of my marvelous Multiply Friends... no, I haven't really defected to gigatribe, I've just been busy, enjoying life outside of my computer. Let's see, it's starting to get warm here in northern California and my husband had a week off from work so we spent some time doing a little spring cleaning, and one day we went together to the flea market... it was so much more fun with him there! Because he doesn't like to dig through the junk like I do we usually get seperated but, when I ran out of money after the first three rows, I went and found him and, voila! I got to finish the remainder of the market! Usually I would have been done and, as I find no point in window shopping, I would have just gone home. BUT here's the very, very, very best-est part of him being off: I got my studio space back!!! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! I am STILL doing the happy dance, and grinning from ear to ear!!!
I have a lot of the studio together, but there are a few things left to finish and then I'll get some after pics (I know, I know... I promise photos and just NEVER deliver! One day I'll work on my procrastination problem...) as I did take a few before ones. And my, oh, my, it felt so good to purge junk from my home. I still have rooms left, but letting it go - for the first time in a looooong time - is so GOOD! I have stuff to put on ebay, stuff for a yard sale, and there were bags for the garbage. (And Melissa, there will be a box, I promise, i just keep needing a larger one than the one I have.)
Oh! What else have I been up to? Let's see... A little spring cleaning (removing of junk) and flea marketing with my hubby, shopping on ebay, organizing my studio space, finishing up 2 different children's classes I was teaching, sewing up a pile of doll patterns I designed myself (especially proud of this one!), making dollhouse things for my daughter's barbie dolls... And completely neglecting the cleaning (dusting, mopping, etc.) of my home! Lol! I also celebrated my 43rd birthday somewhere in there; my mother was thouroughly convinced it was only my 42nd because she was counting from her age and she was a year off there. I had to do the math for her! So, now I'm off to clean, then create, then church tonight. I have new patterns to post so I'll be back soon! And with some photos!!!
Happy crafting!
P.S. My son is in Afghanistan, finally at his permanent post, thankfully only killing spiders the size of silver dollars. No camel spider sightings as of yet, lol! Please consider adding him to your prayers (or good thoughts, if you don't pray) as he is so precious to us and his wife & son. Thanks! Tonya

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