Thursday, January 13, 2011

a lITTLE rEMINDER aBOUT pATTERNS oN mY sITE ( and a little on Sponge Bob, cupcakes and knitting needles)

I just would like to remind everyone that 95% of the patterns on my site are from other people and therefore, not my scans. I wish EVERY post for sewing, knitting, crochet, pc, etc, etc, etc, could be perfect, but alas, living in an imperfect world pretty much nullifies that possibility. lol... ;)
So, I hope you are finding LOTS of things you like and they are sparking your creativity. I know I get a little mind-boggled trying to figure out what I'm going to work on first. And being an adult with mild a.d.d. REALLY doesn' help so much! I'm sure that if I stopped downloading all of the great stuff y'all are posting that I would get a lot more stuff made! I have been working diligently away, though. For Christmas I made all the gals in my hubby's family cotton dish towels and crocheted the lovliest dishcloths, too, in ivory cotton. I love how they had this wonderful vintage/shabby chic feel. I made my 2 year old niece a cupcake hat - soooo cute, now all of my daughter's neighborhood friends want one.
And then there was the sponge-bob-square-pants hat I made for a nephew. It was so cute! I even adjusted the pattern to add a nose that turned up and stuck out like ol' bob's! However, i think I was a few years too late; Dominic is 8 and wearing a sponge bob on his head just isn't cool... Several of his uncle's and cousins tackled him on Christmas day and put it on his head for him - it really was so cute - but it certainly didn't make him love it any better! His mama asured me that he still loves sponge bob, but he thinks he's too big to admit it. (plus, California kids seem to think they are way more grown up than they really are...) So, after the ruckus died down, he and I decided he would put it on the head of one of his stuffies; he seemed pretty happy with that idea. I'm bummed, though that I forgot to take photos. I know, how could I? Here's the good news, I have a whole box of Barbie stuff I've sewn and crocheted just waiting for the stupid snaps to be put on. And - I promise! - I'll take pictures of these things. Really, I will...
Just a side note on the knitting. My precious 9 year old daughter agreed to teach me how to knit last summer, but we nover got to it. Over Christmas break the weather here was pretty crummy, so one afternoon we decided it was the perfect time to pick up some sticks and yarn. Here's a little secret - please don't tell her! - she's kinda not that great at it yet. Oooo, I know mom's supposed to say only all the good, BUT, she kinda knows it. She's such a great sport about it that we were laughing at ourselves for a long time that day. At dinner that night she was telling how she was teaching me and loving the part where I was having such a hard time, then she asked, "So, Mom, how do you like knitting so far?" I made a big goofy face, crinkled my brow and said, "Ya know what? Not so much, yet." Everyone at the table laughed. Later she whispered to me, "It's okay if you don't like it yet because you're REALLY not any good at it." She said it with all innocence and sweetness. Man, I love that girl!
So, life goes on and I'm in no rush to pick up those darn needles again. So, does anyone have a book that tells you how to convert knitting chart into crochet? Seriously, anyone?
Happy crafting ny beautiful friends!
In His love,

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