Saturday, December 4, 2010


Nothing really exciting today... I just wanted to share this wonderful photo of my grandson... He is just the bee's knees!

baby with his mommy & daddy...
He is so sweet! He will be here for Christmas, well, he will actually be in California - about an hour away - on the day after tomorrow.  My son has a training and his wife doesn't want to hang out in Georgia all alone so she's coming for awhile to stay with her mom. My son will be here sometime before Christmas day.  We may just have to make that hour drive a few times so we can love on this boy!!!

I hope all of your Christmas plans are well under way; I've been sewing and crocheting like mad. (my hands are aching from all the yarn work!lol!)  I'm not sure if I'll post photos before or after the holidays... we'll see...

So, I'm off to go create some more; my darling boy needs some more adorable hats, I do believe...  so thank you for all of the great crochet patterns you've been sharing - he is going to be the boy with the best millinary collection in Georgia!!!

Happy crafting!

With warm regards,

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