Friday, December 10, 2010

52 tHINGS tO dO tHIS yEAR...

This is my list that was inspired from the movie, "52 Things To Do Instead of Slitting Your Wrists."  Strange title, but the lessons learned from this documentary filmmaker were inspiring to me.  So, here goes...  Oh! the ones with the stars involve someone specific so I chose to keep them private.  :)

52 Things To Do

1. Plant flowers

2. Decide what I want to be when I grow up

3. Take a class

4. Clean out my closet

5. "Give it away, put it away or throw it away" in every room of my house

6. Lead a Bible study

7. Submit something I made for publication

8. Take voice lessons

9. Take back my office

10. ****

11. Take dinner to another family

12. Have a scrapbook or cardmaking class

13. Find a place outside of church to volunteer

14. Start my online shop

15. *****

16. *****

17. Go on vacation for our 22nd anniversary

18. Take the kids to Disneyland

19. Have a block party

20. Make a quilt

21. Give someone a makeover

22. Remove the wall paper from my bedroom

23. Paint/redo my bedroom

24. Get a pet

25. Build a Barbie dollhouse as a family

26. Restore a broken relationship

27. Give cash gifts to our service people (mailman, etc.)

28. Finish reading the complete works of Jane Austen

29. Buy gift cards for Christmas shopping every month

30. Sew something for myself

31. Frame Cindy’s painting

32. Organize household/family files

33. Make a will & living will

34. Record all extended-family birthdays

35. Let my hair go gray

36. Annual physical

37. Visit a new place in California with my kids

38. Switch from coffee to green tea

39. Get a tattoo

40. Buy a fire/water-proof safe

41. Tune-ups and repairs for vehicles

42. Write a song

43. Learn Microsoft Office Excel

44. Visit family graves on Memorial Day

45. ****

46. ****

47. ****

48. Visit my grandma in Alaska

49. Wear a genuine designer “something”

50. Give someone flowers

51. Visit someone in the hospital

52. Invite another family for dinner

This next list is some general things I think about doing, but never get to them.  Maybe having them written out will inspire me to get started!
• Write a book

• Be debt free

• Write my grandma every month

• Make and send something for Mathew every month

• Blog everyday

• Have a weekly date with my husband

• Read my Bible everyday

• Regular family game night

• Have a birthday party for everyone

• Send birthday cards to all family members

• Walk regularly

I look at these lists and think, "Whew, I think I'm being just a wee bit over-ambitious!"  Maybe...  but I'm tired of feeling like life is mostly just happening, going from one crisis to the next.  While I am fully aware that God is controlling every part of life, not me, I have very much felt over the last decade that I have not had control over my life. Lol, sounds all like semantics to me.  I read once that the thing, deep down that people want the most is to have a life of significance, to feel that they are making a difference somewhere to someone.  I wholeheartedly agree.

And then there's the whole, "200 pomengranats and an audience of one" attitude.  My pastor recently taught on this; in the Old Testament of the Bible there is a section where very specific details for the construction of Solomon's temple were given.  Some of it is stunningly intricate in its explanation of the accoutrement of the temple.  In one part it tells of a metalworker who was commissioned to make pillars; at the top of these enormous structures he added the decorative element of 200 intricately carved pomengranites.  Now, these weren't nice little ol' house pillars or something; these were pillars that were 30 feet or more high and around 7 feet in diameter. They were HUGE! 

Now, while all of this is interesting, take a minute to ponder:  How many times when you go into a church (or any other building) do you take the time to look up and explore the ceiling?  Not often, I'm guessing!  In contemporary construction there usually isn't even anything interesting added to ceilings, they don't even paint them anything but white!  Yet, this man felt in his heart of hearts that it was extremely  important to add this decoaration to the tops of the pillars. He didn't cut corners, choose the easy way or do the job with the very least amount of effort he could, and still say he had done the job.  He could have left the pillar top plain; he could have chosen oranges, or something equally as easy to make.  He chose to add pomengranates! And not just a few, but 200.  It must have been so beautiful, but how many people do you think paid attention to those fruits? Probably not too many.  He did it anyway. 

He carved 200 highly detailed pomengranites that were displayed 30 feet in the air. I'm sure he was fully aware that it was highly probable that no one was ever going to see his amazing work.  His skill, and the depth of it, would never really be fully appreciated. He did it anyway.  This metalworker, Alexander I think, knew that there may only be one to ever see the loving care he put into making those pillars; but he did his job with excellence anyway.  He knew his audience of one was The One and because he knew that God would forever be looking at those pilars he gave his absolute best. What a powerful testimony of gratitude and love.

I think that the desire  for excellence is born from a knowledge of gratitude and love.  When I remember how much God has given me and the reason for the sacrifice of Christ, how can I be anything but thankful and humbled.  It's really quite mind-blowing, especially when I realize that the sacrifice would still have been made if I had been the only person in all of history to want it.  It would have been made if I had been the only human that ever existed. God is so good.

So, as I go over my list I fully admit that it is overly ambitious.  I would much rather over-shoot the goal and accomplish a lot of good things than to go on feeling directionless.  Especially when I've heard that God isn't going to ask me what my husband did with his life; or my mom, or my kids... He's not even going to ask me what you did with your life; He is going to ask me and I am the only person for whom I will need to give an account.  Makes it a whole lot easier to make 200 pomengranites seem worthwhile when I see the truth, huh?

So, for every one of the next 52 weeks, I have something to do.  And I'm gonna blog about it, too!  Don't worry though, they won't all be this long!  Will you make this part of the journey with me and challenge yourself to be more?  I hope so!

In His love,

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