Monday, July 26, 2010

wHO tOOK mY dOLLS!!!

Oh, my... my husband would burst into a laughing fit if he heard me say this out loud. I think he's not quite sure what to do with me and my renewed love for Barbie and her friends. He usually looks very perplexed and his eyes glaze over when I start talking about her.
Well, here's the problem: I finally took the time to sew the snaps onto almost all of the sewn and crocheted doll fashions I've made since February. Yes, I know, velcro is easier, but it yucks up the clothes if it gets put into the bucket open. My daughter - only 9- will go on and on about how much velcro sucks and that she really prefers snaps. At first this just made me groan - it takes forever to sew snaps on and, though I've been sewing for decades - I can't seem to get the knack of making the stitches look nice on the outside part of the garment. I probably just need more pratice!
Anyway, when I started sewing for dolls agian last November I had my girlie convinced that it was LOADS of fun sewing snaps. Bless her little heart, she beleived me wholeheartedly! Until she finished sewing them onto the second outfit; and,darn it all, I haven't been able to convince her to sew them on since! But I can't tell you how much she LOVES adding the completed new outfits to her collection! Sounds a little like the Little Brown Hen making bread...
So, I finished snaps on a whole bunch of outfits, and to be completely honest, it was purely for selfish motives: I wanted to take pictures of my little creations. Some have turned out quite nicely. Some... well, not so much! As I haven't been motivated yet to try a boil perm on any of my ladies, I patiently combed their hair and tried to make it look somewhat decent. I find this part sooooooo frustrating - I'm a hairdresser and I HATE styling doll hair! It makes me want to pull it all out of their pretty little heads! Next, I dumped the Bucket-o'-Barbie and searched for about an hour for tiny little shoes that match my lovely little outfits. Disappointment was my cruel, cruel friend during this misguided adventure - all of the best, cutest, go-with-everything shoes HAD NO MATCHES!!! (more on this in a minute.) I did finally find a few that go with what I made (if you squint your eyes real hard!) As I dressed and styled each doll I lovingly placed her on my bedside table, all ready to take them to the back yard for their first photo shoot the next morning.
Well, crap, today they are not there!
I really can't blame my girly, though. She's just so sweet (sometimes) with her giant blue eyes and that little pouty lip - and she's the baby of my four... I find it hard to tell her no... well, that's actually because she throws a screaming fit when I do. lol! So, yesterday afternoon she sweetly asked if she could have one to play with because we had set up a Barbie house in the living room and she didn't have enough ladies to make it interesting. I quickly approved "one or two." Man, I am such a sucker! By dinner time she had all of them, and she was playing so happily that I couldn't even muster up frustration at the changed outfits, crazy hair andd unmatched shoes.
All of this to say that my plans to photograph the new wardrobe items have all been shot down. But that's okay - their hair really was a mess... still. And my daughter was happy. Well, until her big brother built lego spaceships and started dive bombing Barbies soiree. It's all good, though... The truth is, this really makes MY heart happy too: my kids weren't watching tv, they weren't playing video games, they weren't complaining about being bored and they weren't fighting. At least not until Darth Vadar dropped an especially big bomb on all the babies! They were doing one of the most wonderful things we can do as humans - they were using their imaginations. (Love it, love it, love it!)
Back to the shoes... with all of those little unmatched lovelies, I thought that I could buy a bottle of black nail polish and make some new pairs, but only one or two of the styles even matched. When I was a kid I hated losing Barbie's shoes; they were like gold! So now I find this really frustrating! Does anyone else have this problem? I was thinking I could post photos of my singles and maybe if you have a match to one I want, and I have a match to one you want we could exchange. THEN I can paint them to match. Anyone interested? Anyone? Hellooooo?
Tomorrow is our weekly flea market and one of the thrift stores has half-off eveything, maybe I'll go scrounge around and see if I could find some matches... nah... it's too darn hot!
From the benches of Barbie-Doll-Shoe-Purgatory,

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