Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am so glad to have a happy update on the dollie shoes! A few weeks ago my daughter had put all of the matching , cute shoes into a little box with drawers that she uses when she plays! We giggled for a good thirty minutes that she had forgotten all about them! So maybe I'll give photographing them another try later this week.
I was in San Francisco earlier in the week and was able to visit one of my favorite spots there - a recycle/reuse center called, SCRAP - the scroungers center for recyclable art parts. It is like a thrift store for creative people. It is just such a wonderful place to spend a few hours. I went looking for patterns for doll clothes and found a few that I can send to a friend in Florida who sews them for dolls she finds at flea markets and such then refurbishes to give to, i think, Toys for Tots. (I haven't forgotten you, Melissa!) I also found enough fabric to fill a giant ziploc baggie - it's 24 inches x 18 inches big. I found a few skeins of yarn; one is black wool from lambs (not sheep) from New Zealand (oolala!) I found a big hank of one-eighth inch elastic. And tiny little snaps...
I also love to rubber stamp and found about 20 pretty ones, mostly for Christmas, but nice all the same. I found several hard to find (where I live) brands of stamp pads, a big box of 600 sheets of cotton paper (very nice...) Hmmm... what else... Oh! lots of wood pieces and shapes that I am going to transform into Barbie furniture with my daughter. A few lovely pieces of lace and ribbon, too; the best of these was a vintage piece of pink embroidered ribbon with gold and pale green Chinese dragons on it. I had a great time rummaging around!
I will post photos later this week as I am going to hit the flea market on Tuesday. A friend on another site has added all of these wonderful fashion dolls to her collection, and though she bought most of hers from ebay, I still am feeling inspired to see what I can turn up! We need a few boys, anyway. The one we have is a little shorter than an actual Ken. We think he is a boy band, "Backstreet Boy." He's cute and my daughter named him after a boy she won't admit she has a crush on, "Andrew."
My oldest daughter has been visiting her big brother in Georgia for the past month and she comes home tonight, which means another drive to San Francisco this week. It's just too bad that the airport is on the opposite side of town from the places I like to visit. :( I am just a little too traffic weary today though. The drive up earlier in the week took about 45 minutes longer than the usual hour and forty-five.And the drive home was even worse: It took an hour and a half to make a part of the drive that ususally only takes 30 minutes. There was a minor accident, but at rush-hour it really backed the cars up on the freeway BAD! Today, though the drive is in the evening, so I am hoping for smooth sailing there and back! All week my other 2 kids have been praying that their sister comes home in a good mood... how funny is that?! Although, I do have to agree, at 13 she can be a little moody and snippy; again, we are hoping for the best!
I have more to upload that I'm going to try to get to this week... I hope you are enjoying all of the patterns... I know that I am very much having a great time choosing fabrics and trims and accessories (and finding shoes...) for all of the lovelies you've all shared with me. Thank you!
Off to take a nap before my (hopefully) four hours of driving tonight...
Happy Crafting,

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