Monday, May 24, 2010


When I was little my mother would become so frustrated with me when I didn't see things her way. She often repeated the phrase, "Tonya, (sigh) you just see the world through rose colored glasses..." For a long time I never knew quite what she meant, but I loved the idea of having a pair of glasses with soft, warm-pink colored lenses. I've heard that pink lighting is good for portrait type photographs, it supposedly softens the lines and hard edges of the face. Hmm... a trip to WalMart might be a good idea today...
As a little girl, and well into my twenties, I spent long hours pondering this moniker. I don't beleive my mother was saying something overtly complimentary (oh, how goes the mother-daughter relationship!) I do think it was a kind-ish way to voice her frustration, though. The problem, however, is that I don't think it's really such a bad thing. When I think of choosing to view my world through a rosy haze I think that it would be good to have the harsh lines of life softened and to have the wrinkles that interrupt our lives less intensified. How nice it would be to look at others and not see their flaws, but to see them and think, "That person is so beautiful," as if the pink glow were illuminating what was in their heart.
Pink is such a nice color: it is the essence of femininity. Not virginal like white, nor wanton as red, but a sweet co-mingling of the two with all of the shades expressing more or less of the wanton or virginal in its shade. I know I don't want to be at either end, but somewhere existing in the peaceful equality of balance: a soft rosy pink; not so red that it shouts, yet not so white that it meekly whimpers away. Pink, in its embodiment of the female warms my heart and seemingly urges me to embrace all that is feminine. I like wearing pink. I like wearing skirts. I love it when a gentleman holds the door, pulls out my seat or takes my hand as we stroll. (Well, there's really only one gentleman whom I like doing these things...)
Pink makes me think, "Ya know, it's good to be a girl!" I'm not a tomboy by any stretch; I really lvoe the idea of being a true girly-girl. I think that maybe this is why I have fallen in love all over again with Barbie. Oh, I know, the critics are lightning fast to criticize that Barbie is hardly the embodiment of MODERN woman. No woman on earth could carry off that figure; can you imagine her back ache?! And who, in their right mind wants to wear stilettos 24/7? Do you know what I would tell them? "Ladies, lighten up!" Barbie doesn't cause our little girls to go out and get boob jobs. Babs doesn't give boys who grow up to be REAL men the idea that a woman has to look like a toy to be beautiful or sexy; they know there is so much more to beauty than being the epitome of perfection every waking hour. Barbie just lets little girls pretend what it would be like to try on different hats; to test our imaginations and creativity. And, if we were lucky enough to have someone in our young lives who could teach us to sew, or knit, or crochet - heck, even just how to glue 2 pieces of fabric together - then WE were the blessed ones. We were given the precious gift of creativity and the permission to explore it.
So, I will be a pink-lovin'-high heel-wearin'-Barbie-fanatic for a very, very long time! I love that though I'm not the next Christian Dior or Coco Chanel, I can take a few pieces of fabric, my hot glue gun & sewing machine and awe and inspire my girls. Rose colored glasses really aren't that horrible! It's actually pretty nice on this side of those lovely pink lenses!
Please allow me to inspire you to take time and CREATE something today! Sew a doll dress, bake a cake, plant some flowers, write a poem. What you do isn't the most important thing, but exercizing your creativity is so vital. For me, creative endeavors warm up the pink in those glasses; imaginative exploration is what cleanses the grime-of-life off the lenses. Creating is what makes those pink glasses so wonderful, for it is so much more life-giving to look at something or someone and see the good, the strenghts and the endless possibilities they posess. So, go ahead, take your pair off the shelf, dust them off and WEAR THEM! It might be just what you've been needing. It might be the spark that lights up a change in your point of view.
Happy creating,

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