Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Over the past 2 weeks I have been on the rounds of all my favorite second hand spots. After my San Francisco doctor appointment on the 29th of September I spent a few good hours at SCRAP. Now, to see this place many people might just see where it's located and then never venture to go there. But I walked on the wild side that first time so many years ago... and it looks even worse in reality than the mapquest directions would leave you to beleive. But THAT'S what makes it soooooo awesome! They've also been there since the mid 70's, and that would certainly explain the sign and the paint job! LOL!

I was kind, though, I didn't take pictures of the alley it's located in: it's usually not so bad as far as litter and junk, but last time it looked like someone went on a tear! People just dump their really crappy crap in the alley because they don't want to deal with it - so rude! So wrong!

Anyway, when you first walk in the door it's a narrow passageway, but on both your right and your left are the FREE bins. I've found some really interesting stuff in those walls of bins. Just don't take the envelopes unless you check both sides. You see, I get a little excited and last time all I saw was *pink envelopes* and I was giddy! I grabbed a 2-inch stack without checking the other side; you think I'd've learned my lesson by now because, I vehemently assure you, this is not the first time I've done this. The other side had the address for an aids benefit/walk/fundraising something or another. I tried to convince my husband that all he had to do was put and extra big label over it and they were good as new! I don't think I even came close to convincing him. (Maybe because they were day-glo pink, too. Ya think?!)

This is the first time in the 3 years I've been going here that these bins weren't full of toys and games. These are hobby paints (model cars type, I think.) and there were a few filled with rubber stamps, too. No Hero Arts this time, but some unnamed botanicals. And, of course, I picked up a few. ;D

Cardboard tubes, anyone? Actually, I just had a stroke of genius! These tubes would be awesome for mailing 12x12 scrapbook papers!!! Oh - my - gosh! I amaze myself with my creative inspiration!!! rotflmbo!  Behind the blue flower filled bins are stacks of wallpaper sample books. I've found some great textural stuff that's beautiful for collage! (And card making!)

This is one of the 2 paper aisles... I forgot to take a pic of the black architects document file that's filled with handmade and specialty papers that are HUGE! I'll have to photograph some of the beautiful ones I've found. They also hold a lot of Canson paper - lighter than cardstock, but heavier than construction paper... in lots of colors. Sometimes I can even find stacks of expensive cardstock on these shelves - so awesome when that happens! This time I found a half-inch stack of kraft CS - SCORE!!!

 These bottles are only 3 inches or so tall - it's a WHOLE box of them! I love them, but, because of the color I haven't thought up anything to use them for. I saw something on Flickr that someone made using a similar bottle, I think I may have saved it in one of my galleries... Besides, if I took these then I'd have to buy corks to keep all the little things inside and undusty!

An entire 8' high shelf system full of boxes of tile samples - again, wish I could think of something to do with them. They're mostly 4"x4"... And so pretty! This last time there were some that looked like they had been reclaimed from an old school locker room - mold and all. (EW! And I touched 'em with my bare hands!)

This is one of 2 1/2 aisles of wood scrap. Not something I work with, but someone who did would be in heaven digging through this stuff. Beleive me! Even though I don't have a clue what I could do with it, that hasn't stopped me from rummaging around in it! And, I have no idea who the lady is, but I wanted a picture and she wouldn't move so I POLITELY asked her if she minded being in the picture! So there she is!

Bolts of upholstery/decorating type fabrics. These are the fabrics that are about 5' in width. Once, a fabric store donated the regular sized bolts of quilting cottons. They filled this display structure! And most of them were full bolts, not just the scrappy ends. Ladies from a quilting society were buying flat-carts full!

More bolts of gingham cotton fabrics... so pretty all together like this!

And now, one of my highlight portions of SCRAP... the fabric aisles.  Drum role, please...  TA!DA!

Each cube is about a foot sqare and the bottom row is a foot and a half. It's full of FABRIC! But wait, there's more... It's both sides - 2 aisles! and the row facing this one is a two sided shelf system of upholstery, clothing, crafting and vintage trims, ribbon, lace, yarn, elastic and some other weird random stuff!

A close up of a 3x4 squares section and a sampling of the goodies. Oh, *heavy sigh*... All these fabric pictures are making me long to take a road trip tomorrow... But my hubby won't let me bring anymore fabric home until I make stuff from my 4 tubs and assorted other containers of what I already have. *SQUEAL!* But I know a lady who has boxes of fabric in her garage and she told me I can come over any time and have whatever I want! I think I might give her a visit soon! Hmmm... what should I bring her as a *thank you*?


I forgot to tell you the best part about this wall o' bliss: You can buy a piece or two for no more than $2, ORRRRRR... You can fill a bag for $7!!! You could put a ton of small pieces in that bag that would be perfect for making doll clothes... I'm just sayin'!

The other side of the wall. One side is prints and the other is solids. Bliss, I tell you, bliss!!!

Another picture I'll need to take another time is the one of the pattern file cabinets. They have ones with drawers the size of the kind you'll find at the Walmart fabric department, but 5 or 6 high; and another 5 or 6 drawer file cabinet full. Plus there's overflow on the tops of each. Sometimes they have tons of awesome vintage patterns; I've acquired a nice little stack!

So, after I finished here that day, I took a 15 minute drive across the Bay Bridge to Berkeley to the Recycle Depot. They're a bit more expensive, but they've got an awesome location in an old vintage building in the trendy part of town... gotta pay for the space! I love this place because I always find unique buttons! This is also where they sell the outdated Hero Arts stamps for $8 a pound. They have a fabric wall too (theirs is cotton candy pink!) but they sell it for a few dollars a yard. I have found some pretty prints, though. I'm cheap, though, so they're actually pretty stunning!

Then Tuesday I got bitten by the thrifty-bug... I wanted to go out to the flea market, but it was raining (and hailing for a little while) so hard that none of the vendors showed up! Boo!Hoo!  Thank goodness the Catholic thrift store is only 4 blocks away! And Tuesdays everything is half off!!! I found some patterns and fabric and some other fun things. Okay, a lot of fun things! I'm just lazy about taking pictures, though, but I'll get photos of some of the best stuff up soon.  Like this vintage Barbie doll pattern (my newest obsession.)

  It was only a nickle!!!

That's about it for now. I need to tidy up my office (surprise, surprise) and get my sewing machine and serger set up because I plan on being a sewin' fool for the next many months!!!


In the Father's love,


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