Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okay, so maybe I'm just a wee bit too excited, but, MY STUDIO IS CLEAN! Well the cleanest it's been in awhile. I've just flat out run out of room! I don't know where to put things, I have giant baskets FULL to overflowing on the floor; I have baskets full on my shelves and more fabric than one person should be allowed to have. (But, it's only $7 a brown paper grocery bag full...) and ribbon, Oh, i can't even go there! My biggest problem and roadblock to having an exemplarily (is that a word?) clean space is a big ol' bag full of skeins of yarn and huge spools of vintage ribbons. And the white tub with more ribbon and fiber in it.(It's all sooooo pretty!) I think it is time to head over to and open up a little shop, or maybe etsy, or, maybe Scrapifieds... Or start making way more, you know, get off the computer.

But that brings me to my next problem: today is only the 5th of September, but I've already used up my 200 photo max on my account! I have to go in and edit it. Blah! However, I will suck it up because I found another tub and another drawer full of more CARDS that I haven't even photographed. There is probably about another 100 or so. Maybe I should start writing prolifically. Or I could give some more away. Or -the choice that would make Dustin happiest - again, I should head over to... You get the picture.

Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures of my studio. After church. Yes, I plan on going tomorrow! We started going to a new church in May. The denomination is so polar opposite from my Catholic upbringing. And it is... amazing? Scary? Weird? Refreshing? Amazing. The journey over the last decade has left me stripped of everything I thought was important, except for my husband and kids. Again, I am in a place almost opposite of where I was 10 years ago. Ten years ago I thought our life was finally on the track we'd been working towards up to that point. Everything seemed to be falling into place. To be honest, though, it is probably the fault of my own stubbornness. But, even writing that, I know that the statement isn't correct.

Anyway, the new church.  (I've included a link for anyone interested.) What I like about it is the authority with which the Word of God is taught. Now, this isn't to take anything away from former Pastors and Bible teachers I've had - especially from one in particular, I learned more than I can wrap my head around about being a Christian, walking the Christian life, knowing the Bible, knowing Christ. Each pasotr has been vitally important in my life, the new Pastors are just adding to what I've already been taught. They are the ones God has placed at this time to draw me into a deeper walk; just as each of my former teachers have done in their respective times. God has blessed me with teachers who have incredible knowledge, understanding and ability to make the Word relevant. I like this... and the new pastor exuberance; there is so much prayer wrapped up in the personality of this new church body. Another day...

I'm really not so sure what I'm feeling about this new phase. I'm just ready for the promises God has made me to come to fruition. I'm ready to meet Him in a new way; where deep meets deep... it is as if there is a revolution happening in my soul. The old desperately needs to be overthrown by a refreshing new spirit. Historically, revolutions have brought about some very good things. Seeing as God is the one doing the overthrow, I can't imagine anything but an amazing future. I've been struggling for so long, I am so ready to know Him anew.

So, yes, my studio (I want to keep calling it my "office" but this is a space for inspiration, not work) is tidier than its been for awhile. And I'm okay with it not being perfect: I have it clean enough that inspiration can be moved to creativity. It's like my life: it is so way not perfect, a little messed up, but I suppose that that is waht gives it character. There are so many good things inside, things of great potential. Now is the time to allow the Creator take all of those possibilities and make something beautiful.

In His love,
tonya renee

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