Saturday, September 26, 2009


Strawberry Luv
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I love using strawberries in my projects. I think it's because of the colors: Red, Green and I add pink because I KNOW i love this color combination!

The vibrant strawberry vintage ribbon I found at the flea market for a quarter; the strawberry basket I've been saving since spring to use on a project (it took so long because I couldn't find a layout I liked!) And the buttons are from many different sources... my love for found things is epic. LOL!

I cut the strawberry and green/white label with my Silhouette form a pattern I found on the internet:

She has lots of wonderful free GSD downloads and a link to a site where she sells even more. I found the sketch for the larger card at CARD PATTERNS; the link is somewhere in my sKETCHES & cHALLENGE sITES blogroll.

I love making things, so, I'm off! I have my entire Saturday to play in my tidy-ish studio. Hey! My desk is clean!

In His love,


  1. Hi Tonya, I wandered here from the Hero Arts flickr site where I marveled at your strawberry goodness. Love your newsy blog style...we have a lot in common: first and foremost our love for Jesus. I also live in Calif.(the southern part) and have a son who just completed his service in the Marine Corps. I'll be back to visit again soon!

  2. Hi Nancy, thank your for visiting - I've only just started blogging again after a looooong time away. I love it!

    It does seem like we havE a lot in common, but you are definitely in the better (cooler?) part of the state! It was over 100 degrees yesterday!

    I hope you find things here that inspire you; I'm glad you stopped... Have a wonderful day!