Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oh my... How I love the Internet... it's so wrong... I don't want to help myself... What am I ever going to do?

Here's my *problema*: The Internet has so much information. I LOVE INFORMATION! Sometimes I just look up words to gain better knowledge of what I'm saying. (It's REALLY a powerful thing to do, try it sometime!) And I read and read and read books: Christain books, self-help books, fiction, non-fiction, classic literature, magazines, how-to books, my journals (okay, okay - it's those narcissitic tendancies...) and my Bible. But, NO POETRY! Well, except for haiku!  I actually keep several different versions of the Bible JUST so that I can gain deeper understanding of the interpretations from the original languages to English. It's also really cool to have something that's hard to understand suddenly go *PING* in my brain when compiling the alternate interpretations makes an idea or something God is teaching me become crystal clear. So cool! I have regular dictionaries and thesauruses and I have Biblical renditions of the same. I even had a vintage french dictionary that I lent to a friend - but I got that for papercrafting... except I couldn't deface it because it is just so beautiful! (I had some great intentions!) I have a HUGE Biblical concordance, essential to knowing and studying the Bible more thoroughly. I love knowledge. I love understanding. I love having insight. I love information!

And I can find so much on the Internet to inspire and encourage me. There just aren't enough hours in a day! How am I ever going to retreive and contain all of the good things I can find? My little computer only has so much memory - and my 41 year old brain has even less! I have stacks and stacks of journals (my family might think I was loopy when they read them in a few generations!) I have so many places I've tried to physically store information that I need a system to figure out where to find what I need! I'm just afraid that I won't be able to find what I need when I need it if I don't write it down or tear it out. But, as I already said, I CAN'T find the information I've already saved!

The spur of this post is that I recently discovered Flickr in a new way. I uploaded a few pictures several years ago and then forgot about them because I didn't want Flickr to consume my time. Boy, was that instinct accurate! As I've revived blogging I've added pictures to Flickr... and I've discovered adding favorites, and galleries. And how awesome it is to give feedback to someone else for their amazing artistic ability; and how much sweeter than that it is to receive kind comments from fellow artists.

The community I live in (my town) is not so big on art. It makes me sad and angry. The city purchased one sculpture to add to a sign by the freeway that looked like a great big aluminum exploding fart. Thank goodness it was taken down a year or two ago because it was beyond ugly. And then there's *Califia* downtown: the spirit of what they wanted to portray was a good one, it's just the execution of that vision that sucks! She has these HUGE man hands, a horsey face and a dress with a fruit pattern that no woman I know would be caught dead wearing! AND - boy this breaks my heart! - because of financial issues and budget cuts they recently (in the past few months) layed off/fired the gal that ran the city's Art Commision. In the catalog of upcoming city activites and classes for fall, I don't remember seeing the usual offerings of the art department - actually, I don't even recall seeing ANY! This gal was so amazing at her job and she fought against a community that just doesn't seem to understand the value and necessity of art accesability for ourselves and - most importantly - for our children! Whew! Off my soapbox...

To resume, I've found some great features about Flickr, but the best one is the GROUPS! Wow! I can subscribe to almost any group and view countless artistic expressions! It's wonderful. (Excuse me while I become a little glassy eyed...) There are regular people making things that blow me away. There have even been one or two that were so expressive that I had tears well up. There is no short supply of talent on Flickr. But here's my dilemna: it takes T-I-M-E to view all of this lovliness. I've spent almost an entire day just looking at and commenting on (all positive!) the hard work of other artists. That is my new addiction... isn't admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery? It's only been about 2 weeks... can it really be an addiction already? DON'T ANSWER THAT!

I've gotten really lax at following my to-do lists and schedules (this is since my health began to fail, NOT because of my darling Flickr!!!) BUT, oh my goodness, it hurts just to THINK it, I know it's time to try again. There are so many more things that I want to do than stare at my computer all day. I must resist the temptation... to-do lists, schedules, chore charts (yes, they're appropriate for moms too!) Grown up stuff: discipline, self-control, sacrifice... Tomorrow is a new day...

Right! Tomorrow is a new day! A new day to post photos of the amazing treasures I found at the flea market yesterday! A new day to post pictures of the boxful of cards I made that I haven't even photographed yet! A new day to let all those amazing Flickr artists know that there is indeed someone out there who loves what they're making! A new day to find a new cardmaking challenge! Oh, thank you, Lord for new days!

***Hello, I'm Tonya Renee and I'm addicted to Flickr...***

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