Friday, September 18, 2009


Oops! I also forgot to add my little mermaids. My littlest daughter and I were playing with her new mermaid book from Usborne and she asked me to draw her some mermaids of her own. I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat because the last time I attempted to draw something that had to be recognizable, well, it wasn't. So I gingerly picked up my pencil (with no eraser, of course!) and started doing my rendition of the mermaids in the book. I needed that darn eraser... You will still be able to see a few eraser marks (we found an old crumbly one eventually) that just didn't want to leave. I guess they needed their 15 minutes of fame!

Then, when I scanned them (I don't have a tablet, but it's on my wish list) I was in a hurry. And it shows, sorry! The little fish princesses turned out so pickin' cute that we just wanted to color them. And, at the time (June 2009) I thought I was only making them for her. They just turned out way to cute! My apologies for the poor quality scan. ;D

So, I'm sharing them with anyone who likes them and has a forgiving heart... I plan on making more line drawings and I PROMISE they will be of a much better scan quality!

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Happy creating!


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