Thursday, September 3, 2009


I knew I should have just stayed here on Blogger instead of trying Wordpress! Everything about setting up a blog is so much easier here! Especially when you're like me and know more about computers than, say, your grandma, but nowhere near enough to know if I'm going to accidentally melt my hardrive or cause it to run more smoothly... As my genius, incredibly talented brother-in-law says, Wordpress "just isn't intuitive."  So, here I am, back to my first blogging lover: the blogspot... However, until I find an external download/upload source so that I can share files, I'm keeping the Wordpress, too. Blogger won't add the gadget for "" and it SOOOO easy to use!
So, onward we go. With the pen being mightier than the sword I'll just set my mind to finding the good things in life instead of worrying battling things I really don't know about!
Until next time,

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