Monday, September 7, 2009

200? rEALLY? bUMMER!

I really enjoy playing with paper and stamps and such. This is no big revelation. I remember the day in kindergarten when Mrs. Ford set up her easel with yellow, red, and blue paints and big fat paintbrushes. She then proceded to show my class what happened when you mixed the colors: red+yellow=orange; blue+red=purple; blue+yellow=green. I was transfixed. It is one of those days that (obviously) I will never forget; it was pure magic to my 5 year-old sensibilities. I have loved colors since and playing with paper crafting paraphernalia is sinply and extension of that love.

Earlier this week I began photographing all of the cards that I have stored up, waiting for an occasion to send them out or give to friends as gifts; some with the expectation that I will sell them somewhere, someday. The first day (which I thought was going to be the ONLY day) it took me around an hour to take about 100 photographs of approximately 80 cards. I was so proud of myself as I've been trying to accomplish this for quite some time. I spent that afternoon and evening editing them so that I could post them to my flickr account and share them in some of my favorite groups. I completed this by the afternoon of the next day; I was justifybly very proud of myself for finishing. Oh, how pride does cometh before the fall...

As I began tidying my studio later in the week I can't tell you my surprise when I discovered another basket full of cards that hadn't been photographed. I was so upset (yeah, right!) that I immediately quit my cleaning task and wet straight to work taking the photos I needed. Another day, about 100 more photographs and another giant upload to flickr. Whew! Job well done! Until the Flickr system informed me that I had exceeded my 200 photo limit on the free account. As Dustin asked me to wait until next month to upgrade the account (small fee, but he asked very nicely) I began the process of editing the account and deleting accidental duplicates and some of the detail images - after I had spent an entire day adding commentary to each card.

Saturday I resumed my cleaning task, actually finishing this time, but I the process I discovered yet another drawerful of more cards I had forgotten about - yes! One more giant stack, again, probably close to another 100 different cards. Yikes! I didn't realize just how much I've made! And here I was, feeling sooooo guilty because I haven't spent much time in the last month making much of anything. So much for that!

I am not, however, interested in taking more photos today, doing another huge upload (after all the time necessary to edit all those pictures, of course) and then spend another day adding all of my important comments. Especially since it means I'll need to delete more images. So, I'm leaving it alone until the end of the week, then I'll delete some of the ones with the leaset comments or views. Sounds like a plan. (It must be a good one because I just made an involuntary, very heavy sigh! Weight lifted.)

I would like to add some pictures of some of my favorite creations here, though. Enjoy!

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