Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project 31 Question of the Day...

Aaahhh... It would seem my attempt at posting the answer to a new question every day has fallen a little short! Actually, it's fallen prey to the monster of busy-ness. No worries, though, I'm still going to post on this subject because I think this is such a fun and challenging project for me. In the future I'd like to use what I've discovered to make an altered art journal.

So, today's question: Share a song that reminds you of your spouse (or significant other.)

I've been married almost 24 years, so I had quite a few to choose from. I chose this one, though, because it's one I rarely hear and it reminds me of one of the best days of my life: "Stand By Me." It's the song we danced to at our tiny, little make-shift wedding reception. You see, we decided after 6 weeks (or so) of seeing each other to get married. That was early summer in Alaska, and I thought it perfect because I'd always wanted a big, beautiful winter wedding in December. And then our plans changed. I found out a few weeks after our decision that I was pregnant. Talk about panic! We ended up moving our wedding ceremony to October... kind of.

Stand By Me

We lived about 350 miles apart at the time; me in Anchorage, him in Fairbanks. It's about the distance from Turlock to Los Angeles, only it's mostly a 2 lane road with lots of hiding places for Troopers to catch speeders. We just didn't want to be apart for any amount of time, so we decided I'd move to Fairbanks about a month before the wedding to live together.

However, a stern word from someone important about the sorrow it causes God for us to live together without being married had the impact the person intended. Getting married ASAP was now our #1 priority! As we already had the document you get from the state saying we could get married - we weren't second cousins, or anything, we knew we could go ahead with our plan. So, within a day or two, we rounded up 2 friends to be witnesses and headed over to the courthouse. In front of an unknown judge and two people that were my soon-to-be husband's friends, we said our vows. And vowed, also, not to tell our parents; the invitations had already gone out and who wants to cancel plans for a party?

It wasn't until our 10th anniversary that we shared the news with our families that we were actually married a month before the invitations stated. It was a little anti-climactic, I must say. Still, the memories of the day of the "invitation wedding" are precious. It wasn't a big affair, nothing fancy, but we were together, presumably forever. Life was good that day. "Stand By Me" seemed a fitting song to celebrate our new life together.

In His love,